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Helm Says House Republican Budget Restores Critical Education Funding

Rep. Sue Helm (R-Dauphin) called today’s approval of the 2011-12 House Republican budget proposal good news for families in the 104th District.  Helm voted in favor of the $27.3 billion spending plan, which now moves on to the Senate for consideration. 

“We were able to reduce the impact of the education cuts proposed by Governor Tom Corbett in March,” Helm said.  “A half billion dollars in funding was restored to basic and higher education, including $210 million for school districts across the Commonwealth.” 

If approved, school districts in the 104th District will see significant increases in their state appropriation when compared to what the governor had proposed:

  • Central Dauphin - $870,734
  • Halifax - $348,345
  • Williams Valley - $331,993
  • Susquenita - $324,921
  • Susquehanna Township - $210,136
  • Millersburg - $171,055
  • Upper Dauphin - $158,390 

The House Republican budget proposal slashes $471 million from the Department of Public Welfare by eliminating waste, fraud and abuse. 

House Republicans decided against including revenue collected in recent months that came in above projections.  Believing it would be irresponsible to spend the money now, that funding will be held in reserve.  “I agree with the decision to keep those resources on hold,” said Helm.  “Pennsylvania has several fiscal obligations that must be addressed, including $8 billion in outstanding debt, a possible $800 million judgment to repay the MCare fund and increasing pension obligations.  There’s also no way of predicting what lies ahead for the Commonwealth in these uncertain economic times.” 

“House Republicans are doing their part in helping to ensure a reasonable budget before the June 30 deadline,” said Helm.  “Now it’s in the hands of the Senate.” 

State Representative Sue Helm
104th District, Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Contact:  Andy Briggs

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