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2011-12 State Budget Restores Fiscal Responsibility, Says Helm

Rep. Sue Helm (R-Dauphin) tonight voted in favor of the 2011-12 budget, which was approved in the House of Representatives by a count of 109 to 92.  The budget caps spending at $27.15 billion, which represents a 4 percent reduction from the current fiscal year.


This is only the third time in nearly four decades the Commonwealth will be spending less than the previous year.


“This budget is truly historic,” said Helm.  “We have been able to reduce spending by more than a billion dollars and bring fiscal responsibility back to state government.  There is no new debt in this spending plan and it does not raise taxes.”


Gov. Tom Corbett is expected to sign the budget before the June 30 deadline, which would be the first time that has happened in Pennsylvania in the last eight years. 


“By meeting the budget deadline, we have made life less stressful for thousands of state employees, including those who live in the 104th District,” said Helm.  “The budget impasses of the past few years resulted in missed paychecks and economic uncertainty for them and their families.  That’s why having an on-time budget was so critical for me.”


Education remains a top priority in the 2011-12 budget.  The $9.59 billion education appropriation represents the highest funding level in state history.  Funding for Pennsylvania’s public universities is set at around 80 percent of the current level, compared to the 50 percent cut sought by the administration.


Job creation is another budget priority.  This spending plan continues to phase out the Capital Stock and Franchise Tax, which will provide the business community with about $70 million in needed relief.  The budget also provides tax credits to help improve Pennsylvania’s jobs climate, including a $15 million increase in the Research and Development Tax Credit.


“This budget contains some tough economic medicine,” said Helm.  “We had to make many difficult decisions.  But I am confident it represents the start of Pennsylvania’s fiscal recovery.”


State Representative Sue Helm
104th District, Pennsylvania House of Representatives
Contact:  Andy Briggs
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