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Helm Supports Legislation to Eliminate Property Taxes
HARRISBURG – State Rep. Sue Helm (R-Dauphin) announced her support for property tax reform legislation unveiled today by Rep. Seth Grove (R-Dover). House Bill 2230 would allow counties, municipalities and school districts to use a variety of alternatives to property taxes. Helm signed on as a co-sponsor of the measure.

“Property tax reform is something I hear about nearly every day from constituents,” said Helm. “Many of our older residents on fixed incomes are finding it more and more difficult to pay their tax bills. The Grove bill offers a commonsense solution to relieving that burden by giving local governments and taxpayers the power to choose alternative funding solutions for our schools.”

House Bill 2230 creates two provisions: 

        • Gives counties, municipalities and school districts the ability to levy either a 
          Personal Income Tax (PIT) or Earned Income Tax (EIT) as a replacement for 
          property taxes based on a resident’s ability to pay. 
        • Allows counties to enact, through voter referendum, a 1 percent sales tax. The 
          proceeds would be used to buy down property taxes in that county’s school 

Every local government that opts to impose an income tax would have its property taxes frozen at the newly reduced level. Every tax dollar generated through these new taxes would be a dollar eliminated from the overall tax burden, with a minimum reduction of 30 percent to a maximum of complete property tax elimination. PIT and EIT tax increases would be limited to the rate of inflation.

“Changing the current method for funding our schools will not be easy,” said Helm. “But I believe this plan will work because it allows local governments and citizens to have a say in the process. It is a fair, statewide solution to Pennsylvania’s property tax problem. This legislation is long overdue.”

For more information on Helm and her legislative priorities, visit or

State Representative Sue Helm
104th District, Pennsylvania House of Representatives
Media Contact: Andy Briggs
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