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Helm Says Compromise Brought About No-Tax-Increase Budget

Rep. Sue Helm (R-Susquehanna Township) today said the 2010-11 state budget approved on June 30 is a compromise among competing interests working together to meet the needs of Pennsylvanians. 

“I commend legislative leaders for crafting a spending plan that requires no tax increases and maintains tight control on the state’s purse,” Helm said.  “As a business owner, I understand the tough decisions that need to be made to ensure everyone involved is pleased with the end result.  Throughout my professional career, I have had to compromise on numerous issues to advance an idea or proposal that is fair and equitable.” 

The $28.04 billion spending plan is a $202 million (0.7 percent) increase over the 2009-10 budget and is $1 billion less than the governor asked for in his original proposal.  In addition, Helm noted that the General Assembly was successful in blocking the governor’s tax increase proposals, such as expanding the sales tax to nearly all retail purchases, increasing the tax on cigarettes, and imposing new taxes on the extraction of natural gas in the Marcellus Shale formation and smokeless tobacco products. 

“Regardless of what tax would have been raised, it still affects the people of Pennsylvania,” Helm said.  “With the current state of the economy and the fact that the unemployment rate remains high, extracting additional dollars from taxpayers is not just wrong, it’s irresponsible.” 

Helm noted that fiscal restraint will be a continuing need into the future as it relates to state budgets.  She said that Republicans and Democrats working together often brings about reasonable solutions to difficult problems. 

“This budget is a perfect example of how Republicans and Democrats can work together for the benefit of Pennsylvania,” Helm said.  “Bipartisanship is desperately needed in Harrisburg to bring about positive changes to move Pennsylvania forward.” 

Rep. Susan C. Helm
104th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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