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Helm Votes in Support of Second Amendment Rights

Legislation that would permit Pennsylvania citizens to use deadly force in defending themselves or their families recently passed the state House by an overwhelmingly bipartisan margin, said Rep. Sue Helm (R-Susquehanna Township). 

“For more than 200 years, Americans have had the right to keep and bear arms, which is granted by the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution,” Helm said.  “Unfortunately, many Pennsylvania residents, who have defended themselves and their families, have been subject to criminal prosecution and civil lawsuits.  This is wrong and should not be allowed to happen.” 

House Bill 40, known as the Castle Doctrine, which was approved by a vote of 159 - 38, would create the presumption that if an intruder unlawfully enters a person’s home or vehicle, a law-abiding citizen can use deadly force to protect themselves and their family members.  The presumption would also apply if a person is trying to unlawfully remove an occupant against his or her will from their home or vehicle. 

“In some instances the criminals are afforded more rights than the victims,” Helm said.  “Citizens must have the ability to defend themselves if they are threatened in their own home or automobile.” 

Helm noted that the provisions of House Bill 40 would not apply if the person entering a home lives at the residence; is a law enforcement officer; or is a parent, grandparent or guardian removing a child from the home or vehicle.  In addition, this legislation would not pertain if a person was using their home or vehicle to engage in criminal activity. 

“I believe a law-abiding person has the right to defend their life or the lives of their family,” Helm said.  “This legislation in no way condones aggression; rather, it provides individuals with the necessary legal protection to defend themselves.” 

This bill now awaits consideration by the state Senate. 

Rep. Susan C. Helm
104th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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