Feb. 11, 2020

HARRISBURG – Rep. Sue Helm (R-Dauphin/Lebanon) today stated her clear opposition to the governor’s proposal to divert $204 million from the Pennsylvania Race Horse Development Trust Fund and use them for his own budget goals. Helm issued the following statement:

“If this account is raided for the furtherment of the governor’s budget priorities, it would essentially bankrupt the industry. It would mean the end of horseracing in Pennsylvania. The governor has also proposed cuts to agriculture and school safety, all while asking for a $3 million increase in funding for Planned Parenthood.”

“The simple fact is that the governor’s proposed budget is fiscally irresponsible. He wants to drastically increase spending on programs which would benefit his own party, while taking from existing programs which benefit all Pennsylvanians. Fortunately, we are not bound to the governor’s proposal. I have faith that my colleagues in the General Assembly and I will produce a responsible budget that does not hurt Pennsylvanians to further a partisan agenda.”

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Representative Sue Helm
104th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Kevin DiGuiseppe
RepHelm.com / Facebook.com/RepHelm