Mar. 21, 2022

HARRISBURG – Rep. Sue Helm (R-Dauphin/Lebanon) announced today she will retire as she concludes her 16th year in the House of Representatives in late 2022.

“Providing my neighbors with a strong voice in the state Capitol and here in the district was always my No. 1 priority,” Helm said. “I will always cherish the relationships I’ve made and appreciate the trust given to me by my constituents.”

Helm led the initiative to recognize Juneteenth National Freedom Day as an annual observance in Pennsylvania starting in 2019.

“This law came about because I listened to a constituent and worked in a bipartisan manner to raise awareness about the origins of Juneteenth as well as how important of a day it is to our nation. We were able to get this bill signed into law by working across the aisle and refusing to take ‘no’ as an answer,” Helm said.

Helm, chairwoman of the House Gaming Oversight Committee, partnered with state and local officials to ensure the public’s safety by securing new netting and pillars along Pa. Route 147 between Halifax and Millersburg, which led to a major undertaking by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation to prevent rock slides that threatened motorists. In Susquehanna Township, she secured $50,000 to improve recreational opportunities for residents and $141,000 for a sidewalk on Elmerton Avenue in front of Susquehanna Township Senior High School. Helm secured $700,000 to support job-training programs in East Hanover Township as well as $750,000 for the Colonnade Theatre in Millersburg. She continues to work with the residents of Edgemont to stop a compost facility the community does not want. In Lebanon County, Helm supported the Bellegrove Fire Co. and volunteer firefighters with a $30,000 annual grant.

“My focus over the next few months will remain on being the best representative I can be until my last day in office. I will never stop advocating for the residents and communities I serve,” Helm said, saying she thanks her constituents for their ongoing support.

Helm’s final day in office will be November 30, 2022.

Representative Sue Helm
104th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Jennifer Fitch