Apr. 25, 2022

HARRISBURG – Susquehanna Union Green will receive $2 million and the Swatara Township Municipal Complex $1 million through a state grant program, according to Rep. Sue Helm (R-Dauphin/Lebanon.

Helm, who advocated for both projects, described Susquehanna Union Green as using grant money for walking trails, wetland preservation, pedestrian walkways, and improvements to Progress Avenue, Linglestown Road and Paxton Church Road. Susquehanna Union Green is a pedestrian-oriented town center and neighborhood development that will mix green space with commercial/retail buildings, a hotel and homes.

“Susquehanna Union Green is a very exciting project for Susquehanna Township, which celebrated a groundbreaking in November 2019. This development will be a gem in the area and can serve as a model for smart growth in the future,” Helm said.

Swatara Township’s grant funding will be used to build facilities for fire and police services. The township is seeking to build on its Eisenhower Boulevard site. Plans call for secure rooms for meetings with crime victims, a decontamination bay, training facilities and an emergency management operations center.

“Our first responders have been asking for updates to the police and fire facilities, and I’m happy to help secure the state funding for this worthwhile project,” Helm said. “The safety and comfort of these dedicated men and women is of upmost importance.”

The funding was awarded through the Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program (RACP). RACP is a Commonwealth grant program administered by the Office of the Budget for the acquisition and construction of regional economic, cultural, civic, recreational, and historical improvement projects. RACP projects are authorized in the Redevelopment Assistance section of a Capital Budget Itemization Act, have a regional or multi-jurisdictional impact, and generate substantial increases or maintain current levels of employment, tax revenues, or other measures of economic activity. 

Representative Sue Helm
104th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Jennifer Fitch